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Bitcoin & Blockchain: The McGrady Group Podcast on Apple iTunes

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Blockchain and bitcoin.

The best questions - the best answers

Smart contracts and cryptocurrency.

A world where math is king.

And cryptography works...
until it breaks.

HODL on tight!

Welcome to the McGrady Group: The best questions, the best answers.

When we recorded this show on 12/17/17, the blockchain cryptocurrencies were:

BTC: 19, 500 appx
Ripple XRP: .71
Etherium: $701.61
BTC Cash: 1, 832.42

The prices are as of this writing (around 2:15pm Dec 30 2017) (I’m publishing the show later tonight):

BTC $13,095.50
Ripple: 2.09
Etherium: 719.21
BTC Cash: 2,415

This show starts with a survey of the blockchain landscape, how coins are mined, and how the US government views it.

Scott discusses the promise of blockchain as a disruptive technology.

Jeff says distributed databases have certain unsolveable problems with the durability / latency tradeoff.

( How a high-latency system of database sycnhronization might have helped make the Trump campaigns coordination of information more traceable. (A great minor tangent.)

How eventual consistency ends up rendering sequences of transactions that are impossible.

What is the source of truth in information. A look at relativity in physics and why computers can be similar.

How does Moore’s law affect blockchain?

What’s the solution to the central math problem keeping cryptocurrency?

What’s the Discrete Log Problem, and what does it mean for it to fail?

How blockhain may be more useful for bespoke or closed-system applications.

How to reappropriate mining gear profitably.

How many of the world’s decisions need to be replaced by machine learning algorythms given today’s technology?

Ian’s rant on drivers and why drivers need to be replaced by algorythms.

How and why to locate a data center.

Fred’s analysis of the Alabama senate race: why Republicans voted for the Democrat.

Sources Quoted, with thanks:
IEEE Spectrum

Jeffrey Bolden’s Blue Lotus Systems Integration, Data Conversion, and Big Data company:

Scott Licamele’s Sun Fund:

Scott is an owner/founder of Sun Fund.
Ian McGrady is a contractor at Sun Fund.

Gennady Shkliarevsky was not present for this show but here is a link to some of his work:


A link to The McGrady Group’s Patreon page. I don’t believe in a tiered information system: I think people who have more should give something and people who can’t should get equal information for free to level the playing field.


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